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Variety In Sandals

Sandals are a comfortable shoe. Despite this, you do not need to sacrifice style.

There is as much variety in women's sandals as there is in shoes. So if you are looking for sandals, you need to ask yourself the same old question: What do you want to use them for? If you understand clearly where you are going to wear your sandals, you will have a much better chance of getting a great pair.

One thing I have found in reviewing the range of sandals out there, is many just resemble shoes. So I did some research to see what the difference between shoes and sandals was. A sandal is technically a type of shoe, a subset of the broader category. So all sandals are shoes. A sandal technically is a shoe which does not cover the whole foot. That is, it has either an open toe or an open heel. Below is a summary of some of the more common women's sandals available.

Dress And Designer Sandals

Dress and designer sandals pretty much are what most people call "high heeled shoes". Most dress heels are open to some extent, this makes them sandals. So if you are looking for designer sandals, you may have just as much success in your search if you look for a pair of heels.

Beach Sandals

There is a range of sandals you can buy for beach wear. There are the flip flop variety, with a thong attaching the shoe to your foot. There are also the water variety, a plastic shoe with holes across the top so the water drains away quickly and easily. These are great if you intend walking across reef or rocks. The point with sandals for the beach is they are designed to help you enjoy the beach; the sun, the water, the sand. Crocs do a great range of beach sandals.

Sandals For Comfort

Comfort sandals are the more traditional style of sandals. They will typically be well padded under the foot, giving you a really pleasant structure to walk on. They strap to your foot with a variety of styles of leather strap. Many outdoor shops like Colorado and Timbertop do excellent varieties of comfort sandals as they understand how to make shoes for walking.

Cork Sandals

Cork sandals are my favorite. I just like them because they are so comfortable. I think the cork is supposed to gradually mould to the shape of your foot, giving you excellent long term support. All I know is that I as I can wear these without my orthotics and without my feet getting tired, they are the ideal sandal for me to wear all day.

Sports Sandals

Sports sandals apparently have been designed to help with leg muscle development. While I do not know the science of this, I still think the term is a little bit of a misnomer. When doing sports, you want your shoe to give you a level of support which a sandal will never provide, so I do not think you are supposed to buy these sandals to use in your next game of tennis or basketball.


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